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A natural approach to better health
An Authentic Thai Massage Experience

Every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique experience, using traditional thai massage techniques and passive stretching.

Theravadic Tradition

Origins of Thai Massage
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Traditional Thai massage techniques include leaning on a recipient’s body using hands and straight forearms locked at the elbow to apply firm and rhythmic pressure.

The massage targets the “Sen lines” on the body. Thai massage treatments have developed over millennia, from a shared origin with the ancient predecessors knowledge, and handed down through the Lanna Thai and  Khmer civilisations. Thai medical practice, including massage techniques, was supplemented via Buddhist monks from the Indian nadis, as well as incorporating elements from ancient Chinese cultures, from where modern Thai people migrated around 1000 years ago.

The hands, legs, feet of the practitioner are used to fixate, manipulate and stretch the recipients musculo-skeletal system. In some techniques the feet are also used to deliver a deep massaging action.

Restore the Mind

A Blissful Moment of Inner Peace
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We aim to help the body and mind relax and feel at ease.

The therapy session is a unique opportunity to acquire self-knowledge through the senses, through controlled breathing and meditation, and sometimes through sleep.

Head Massage

Designed to Relieve Stress
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Thai massage of the head, neck and face aims to manipulate “Sen Prasat”; the energy channels.

The goal is to stimulate these channels and remove any build-up of negative feelings associated with a range of ailments, including stress, pain and noxious stimuli).

Revive the Body

Ease Pain and Improve Flexibility
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Massage benefits include reducing tension in muscles and fascia, and breaking down undesirable adhesions which can form within the tissues.

The passive strecthing and manipulation of tissues can help restore flexibility and mobility.

Individual Service

Tranquil Surroundings
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The massage is carried out in a carefully managed environment, the spa and rooms are configured to provided an overall calming effect on the senses.

Each client is assessed to ensure the treatment safe and effective, we work in partnership with clients to create a programme and apply techniques tailored for each body and mind.

Particular care is taken so as not to aggravate any injury or medical condition. We do require our customers to advise of any medical condition and to sign a disclaimer at registration and to advise us of any changes to their medical status.

Specialist Massage

Therapeutic Treatments
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We provide a range of specialist massage services, including hot-stone, aromatherapy, hand, foot and soft tissue massages.

See the link to “Types of Massage” on this page for further details.

Sawadee - Welcome


Sansara Thai Massage Godalming

Traditional Thai Massage

30 Mins £30*
45 Mins 
60 Mins £60
90 Mins £80
120 Mins £102

Specialist Treatments
Deep Tissue, Herbal Ball, Hot Stones etc.

30 Mins £40*
45 Mins £53
60 Mins £65
90 Mins £85
120 Mins £107


*30 minute massages are not available for hot stones or herbal ball massage treatments.





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Sessions are available 7 days a week we are open from 10:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. everyday..

We also cater for couples in our double massage room
We have rooms and toilet facilities suitable for disable access
Call 01483 427 444 during business hours
or call or text 07895 890894 any time.

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We will be happy to confirm your appointment.

All customers will be required to register in person and may be asked to provide ID.

Once registered customers only, by special arrangement, we can make home visits and may provide an out of hours service. Please note for the security our female staff are not allowed work unaccompanied.